Pascagoula Superintendent expresses disapproval over bill aimed at erasing Common Core

Pascagoula Superintendent expresses disapproval over bill aimed at erasing Common Core

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula School District Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich is getting in the fight. South Mississippi Sen. Michael Watson and Sen. Angela Burks-Hill recently introduced a bill to ditch the educational guidelines for the state and come up with new ones. Also, the state dropped the provider for tests tied to Common Core last week.

"I think Common Core is excellent, as long as we have the feasibility to look at what works and what doesn't work and replace those things not working with things that do work," said Rodolfich.

He said to hear that two South Mississippi senators have introduced a bill to erase Common Core guidelines for math and English for public school students out of classrooms is troubling.

"I think the lawmakers are overstepping their boundaries in the position of micromanaging areas they are not experts in," Rodolfich said.

The bill also calls for an advisory board to come up with new educational guidelines for Mississippi. Rodolfich believes that's another bad proposal that's not legally right.

"The governor of the State of Mississippi has addressed who has the legal authority to build the curriculum for the State of Mississippi,” said Rodolfich. “There was also a peer review that was also conducted that also acknowledges the authority of the department of education. I don't think we should continue to circumvent the departments that are in place.”

Rodolfich released a

Friday stating his disapproval and questioning some lawmakers' motives behind dumping Common Core standards.

"Let's get a baseline before we go and say we are going to do something else and spend another three years using teachers and students as guinea pigs in an educational experiment based on political ideology," Rodolfich said.

He said he is confident having a solid, consistent teaching model helps students achieve academic success.

"At this point, we are talking about being very irresponsible with taxpayers' dollars, because you are going to throw out a complete system that has been put in place for three years and thousands of man hours, and you haven't even tested to see here are the strengths and weakness. Let's fix what's not working well, but let's keep what does work,” said Rodolfich.

Watson issued a response to Rodolfich's public

. In it, he calls the superintendent,"an educrat who thinks he knows what's better for your children and my daughters than we do."

He goes on to say, "over the past 50 years, Washington has gained unprecedented, centralized control over our classrooms and our children. As a result, public education in Mississippi is worse for the wear."

You can read Rodolfich's full letter here:

You can read Watson's full response to that letter here: 

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