Biloxi Students Learn Lesson From Former Viking

A former Minnesota Vikings safety was on the coast Saturday to teach Biloxi sixth graders how to be good leaders. Keith Nord played for the Vikings in the 1980s. Now, he travels around the country as a motivational speaker.

50 Biloxi kids heard his message Saturday. Using humor and hands-on activities, Nord taught the kids about peer pressure and the qualities that make a good leader.

"What we try and do is play some games that kind of illustrate a point," Nord said. "I think it's more fun to do things like that, so that if you can learn while you're having fun, I think it stays with you longer, so that's what we try and do."

"We've learned how to deal with conflict like if somebody said something inappropriate or something, that not just to burst out and say it all rude, but to pull them off to the side and you know, tell them," said Ashley Godwin, a sixth grader at North Bay Elementary.

"I learned how to deal with peer pressure and like what to say to people who ask you and you usually can use alternatives, so they don't feel like you're trying to get away from them or something and you don't like them," said Tavia Marinovich, a North Bay Elementary sixth grader.

Nord says the kids are already well educated about drugs. When asked which drug kills the most people, they the answer is nicotine. Nord says a lot of parents get that wrong.