WLOX Editorial: Why let the community worry ?

WLOX Editorial: Why let the community worry ?

We are often amazed at the quality of the detective work done by local law enforcement agencies. Within 24 hours, of a Gulfport murder, Gulfport police somehow tracked the suspect to the New Mexico border. With the help of New Mexico police, that suspect was taken off the streets. That's pretty amazing police work.

What's just as amazing is the lack of communication between police and the public. We're wondering why Gulfport waited 18 hours to tell people somebody who they said should be considered armed and dangerous was no longer a threat.

Here are the facts. Late Monday afternoon, Gulfport sent out word a capital murder suspect who should be considered armed and dangerous was on the run. Within minutes of that warning going out, the suspect was arrested in New Mexico. Gulfport police didn't mention the arrest until 11:00 am the next day. Even though he was in custody, police let the community worry for 18 hours before they said that armed and dangerous suspect is no longer a threat to you.

Why let the community worry an alleged killer could be a threat, when he was in a hospital a thousand miles away? Why not communicate the news immediately to ease the tension in our city. That lack of communication is just as amazing to us as how police tracked the capital murder suspect to New Mexico.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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