HSSM gets $35K donation to purchase new 'Love Train'

HSSM gets $35K donation to purchase new 'Love Train'

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A generous donation will help the Humane Society of South Mississippi save lives. When the shelter has an overabundance of animals, officials say they use a vehicle known as the Love Train to transport dogs and cats to parts of the country where there are shortages of adoptable animals.

This increases their chances of finding good homes.

However, officials say the size of the current Love Train severely limits the number of animals they can transport and keeps them from taking large dogs at all.

Today, the shelter received a $35,000 donation from the Jack and Trudy Animal Welfare Fund to purchase a new, larger Love Train. The grant is administered by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

Officials say the new vehicle will allow for moving five times the number of animals as before and allow for large dogs. That means fewer animals will have to be euthanized because they have not been adopted.

Danielle Thomas spoke with shelter officials today about that donation. Look for her story tonight on WLOX News and WLOX.com.

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