Witnesses said the shooters were not from their Biloxi neighborhood

Witnesses said the shooters were not from their Biloxi neighborhood

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A day after gun shots rang out in a crowded Biloxi park, two teens injured in the shooting are still in the hospital recovering. Biloxi police said they are following leads in the case and asking for the public's help.

Witnesses said the Monday night shooting in Henry Beck Park was actually a shootout between two groups of young people. A woman who was among the crowd gathered at the park didn't want to speak on camera, but she said around 7pm three cars pulled up. She said after someone at the park threw something at one of the cars, the passengers jumped out with guns leading to a shootout between them and some people at the park. A man told WLOX he heard the shots from his home and it was so many shots that he believed some of the perpetrators emptied their guns.

The witness we spoke with said her friend next to her was hit by gunfire, and she ran for her life. She believes the people in the vehicles were not from the neighborhood which is exactly what Gines said residents are telling him.

"Right now there isn't a lot of information," Gines. "We've been talking to people in the community. Again when you have people who are not from the community that come in you don't know a lot about them. Most of the people, the residents here don't know a lot about the people who came in and caused this."

Police said the rounds struck a 19-year-old woman and a 14-year-old boy. Gines said the boy was shot in the back.

"Henry Beck Park has went over a year without any incidents. As a matter of fact we're probably right there at two years. We've been doing great," Gines said. "We've been having diverse groups in the community here utilizing the park. And then to have something like this happen is very disheartening."

Gines said Henry Beck Park is for the community and the community shouldn't let this incident run them off.

"We need to stand up. Show who we are. Our resiliency," Gines said. "Come back out. Continue to use the park. It's a prime part of our community and we need to continue to show that."

Biloxi police said the 14-year-old victim has been transferred to USA Medical Center in Mobile. Officers are continuing to work leads in the case so if you have any information please call the Biloxi Police Department at (228) 392-0641 or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

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