Bill calls for full repeal of Common Core in MS

Bill calls for full repeal of Common Core in MS

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Senators Michael Watson and Angela Burks Hill filed the bill they co-authored Monday night that calls for the full repeal of Common Core standards.

"From the time I've spent studying Common Core State Standards (CCSS), I've come to realize the middle grades will have a much easier time adjusting and the standards in those grades really aren't too bad. However, standards for the early ages are developmentally inappropriate and those for the higher grades aren't challenging enough," Watson said.

Several anti-common core rallies kicked off this year's legislative session in Jackson.

"Over 500 psychologists and cognitive development specialist have signed off on a letter stating not only are the standards bad, but they are harmful for our younger students. On the other end of the argument, for schools who have followed the CCSS model and moved Algebra back to the 9th grade, they've shortchanged the brighter children who could make it to calculus and other STEM-rich courses," Watson added.

Watson has also said CCSS will eventually lead to more government control over careers for children. He believes Mississippi can write its own standards with help from teachers from across the state.

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