135 pound Jacorey Williams at 5' 4" is the 2014 WLOX All-Around High School Player of the Year

135 pound Jacorey Williams at 5' 4" is the 2014 WLOX All-Around High School Player of the Year

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - The 2014 WLOX All-Around Player of the Year honor goes to Jacorey Williams of St. Martin High School.
The senior was "Mr. Sparkplug" for the Yellow Jackets of head coach Eddie Wayne Whitehead.

Consider this, Jacorey is 5-feet-4 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds and despite his so-called lack of size, it didn't diminish his ability to make plays on offense, defense and on special teams.

Williams said, "I am very underrated because of my size.  So I feel like I have to play big. Big personality, big energy, high energy. I just have to show them every time I have a chance to get on the field."

Williams had 1,272 all-purpose yards. He had 136 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns, 41 receptions for 783 yards and five touchdowns, passed for 40 yards and 2 TD's, and averaged 35 yards on ten kickoff returns.

Hold-on...on defense the 135 pound Williams made 70 tackles, 47 of those were solo stops. 

"For him to be his size, you know, he just brings it. "stated head coach Eddie Wayne Whitehead.  "Whether he's blocking or whether he's hitting, coming up to make a tackle. He gives it all he's got."

Jacorey added, "The heart I have for the game and my love for the game, my passion for the game.  I love football and football is what I want to do, but size is not working out for me."

Williams proved his determination to succeed in the largest football classification in Mississippi and he wants a chance to prove he can also excel on the next level.

So far no college or junior college has offered Williams a scholarship.  Williams said if he fails to get a scholarship he will tryout at various schools in hopes of proving once again that he can play, despite his size.  I remember covering Howard Stevens a running back for the New Orleans Saints year ago.  He was 5-feet-5 inches tall.

If he gets a chance to play in the college ranks...Jacorey will gain weight and would be an excellent kick return specialist.

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