Several projects underway at the Long Beach Harbor

Several projects underway at the Long Beach Harbor

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - There is a lot of work underway at the Long Beach Harbor and there could be even more work beginning soon. Barricades block off the south end of the Long Beach Harbor, there is a massive hole and large piles of dirt and concrete, all this to repair the tie back system that has taken a severe beating over the years.

"With all of the wave action and wind action the wall is trying to fall into the water and if there is nothing to hold them they are going to collapse," Harbor Commission President Phil Keyes said. "The south end of the harbor, it moved six inches and we were getting nervous."

Keyes said this project is expected to be completed next month, but he said that won't be the end of construction at the harbor. Tuesday the Board of Alderman is expected to approve contracts for paving, curbing and new lighting.

"We have a bunch of smaller projects called B.I.G. and C.I.A.P. paving improvements and miscellaneous lighting improvements," Keyes said.

Also a pier is in the works for the west side of the harbor that would bring more tourists.

"We have already got two or three different boat owners, captains, that want to run back and forth to Cat Island," Keyes said.

Mayor Billy Skellie said it is important not only maintain, but to continue to improve the harbor.

"It's an amenity that people have grown accustomed to. Harrison County residents and people as far as Hattiesburg and Jackson keep boats here and it's just part of who we are," Skellie said.

And with so much competition now it is vital to continue to be attractive to boat owners. Right now the harbor has about 20 open slots.

"I really believe we may not have all of the fancy dancy amenities all these others have, but we have a nice little family oriented harbor and that's what we want to keep," Keyes said.

The paving and lighting should be completed by mid-March and the new pier is expected to be open mid- summer. All the projects are being funded by tideland funds and federal grants.

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