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MDOT Talks With Residents

Buying property and property values were just some of the topics discussed at a meeting designed to get input from residents that will be affected by the new Canal Road connector project on MDOT's drawing board. Currently MDOT is trying to put the final touches on the connector and secure funding to build the road that will connect the port of Gulfport to I-10 and public comments will help with that planning.

Claiborne Barnwell is an engineer with MDOT and says, "We will present the study that's ongoing so that when it comes time for the public hearing they don't just come in, look at the alignment and have had no real input in it."

One resident said between the noise and the litter, the path chosen isn't good for his neighborhood. "I guarantee you there's nothing that MDOT is going to do to keep that area from becoming a typical interstate type area."

MDOT's appraiser Cecil Dick says, "You can't build roads anywhere that don't disturb anyone, what we're trying to do is come up with a concept that will disturb the least people."

Because the road will go through neighborhoods, noise pollution and the fact that this connector will create an eyesore in their neighborhood were hot topics as well, but MDOT's environmental engineer says that with the coast's growing traffic problem it can't be avoided no matter where it's eventually built.

"This road is probably as needed for a traffic solution as any road we've studied at this time." The Canal Road Connector project will be built with gaming funds and it will wind through North Gulfport neighborhoods in order to connect I-10 and Highway 90.

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