Lt. Governor Tate Reeves releases his legislative plan

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves releases his legislative plan

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Getting rid of vehicle inspection stickers, placing public hospital boards under the Open Meetings Act and education funding top Mississippi Lt. Governor Tate Reeves



Lt. Governor Reeves said, "We've gotten our fiscal house in order by balancing the budget, saving for a rainy day and ending the long-time shell game of spending one-time money on recurring expenses over the past three years." He added, "However, I believe we're not finished weeding out wasteful spending and streamlining government programs."

Lt. Governor Reeves plan also includes reforms to the state's contracting laws to make it harder for individuals to defraud taxpayers and easier for Mississippians to see who has state contracts.

Other agenda items include: Expanding physician residency access, improving care for the mentally ill, ensuring high academic standards for Mississippi students, spending more on education based on effective district management, providing school choice for special needs children, reducing concealed carry permit fees and recognizing military training for firearm permits.

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