Planning commission to rehear proposal to build Dollar General on Highway 605

Planning commission to rehear proposal to build Dollar General on Highway 605

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - For the second time, the Gulfport Planning Commission will hear a proposal from a developer who wants to build a Dollar General store on Highway 605 in Gulfport.

This Thursday, commissioners are hoping to see more investment in the aesthetic design. Highway 605 is designated a scenic highway, and aesthetics are important.

Gulfport Councilman R. Lee Flowers says he's not opposed to a Dollar General store. He just wants more investment with a better looking design.

"We have a scenic highway, which is very difficult to get, and we have great undeveloped areas of it that we want to set a good precedent," Flowers said.

The precedent, he added, has already been set.

"Several of these businesses are going along this beautiful highway that we have here, and they've done a remarkable job on developing those buildings to attract businesses, to attract people to them," Flowers said. "Those businesses, a lot of them, have been built by local developers, local business owners and local builders, and they set the bar very high."

The planning commission rejected the original proposal in September. The developer requested from the council another hearing with an improved plan. It was granted.

"Gulfport should be business friendly," said John Anthony, with the Gulfport Planning Commission. "I want it to be, but we don't want just anything put here. We want it to look good. We want it to be classy, like the people of the City of Gulfport."

Anthony said many residents have opposed the development. Others, like Gary Jackson, are OK with it. He just wants it to look good.

"We just want to make sure whatever we get out here is going to add to the value of the property, not detract from it," said Jackson.

The planning commission will meet at 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the council chamber on the second floor of city hall.

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