Road work about to begin on 28th Street in Gulfport

Road work about to begin on 28th Street in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - If you use 28th Street in Gulfport as part of your daily commute, you know the road is bumpy and needs to be widened. We have good news. That work is about to begin.

The heavily used connecting road at 28th Street and Highway 49 will soon get quite the facelift that will make commuting a whole lot easier.

The Gulfport City Council has a $3.7 million construction bid from Huey Stockstill on its Tuesday's agenda. If it's approved, Stockstill's company will widen what's now a two lane roadway, starting at 22nd Avenue through 34th Avenue, into five lanes, including a continuous left turning lane.

That news is exciting to many drivers.

"I got excited because 28th Street needs work. It's a rough road," Sarah Carpenter said.

City leaders say they're doing what they can to improve traffic flow as well as capacity of the roadway.

Although daily 28th Street commuters, like Glenn Cobb, are grateful, he's concerned about the residents and businesses that will have to endure the construction mess.

"Really there are enough streets that's going into the main vein that I don't see a whole lot of congestion, and so my thought again is how's it going to affect those people that are on those streets and the businesses that are there," said Cobb

The road construction project is expected to take a year to complete. Commuters say the process may be a bit of a headache, but they're already looking forward to the finished product.

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