South Mississippi dentist is inspiring students to be creative

South Mississippi dentist is inspiring students to be creative

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - A South Mississippi orthodontist is inspiring students across the Gulf Coast to get creative.

"One day what I'm going to see on these walls is some amazing artwork," Dr. Chris Frigo said.

Dr. Frigo wants his walls to be a canvas for South Mississippi students to be able to display their artwork.

"I just feel like we need to recognize more of our young artists in the community and promote them and then one day we will have another Walter Anderson on the coast here."

Art, Dr. Frigo believes, is an outlet that sometimes gets overlooked.

"There's a lot of kids that band is not for them, athletics is not for them, but art is a great opportunity where they can express themselves and show off their creative abilities," Dr. Frigo said. "Kids need to have a way to express themselves."

Students wanting to submit their artwork should have their school art teacher submit it to Frigo Orthodontics. The artwork will be displayed at the office for anyone to stop in and see.

Seniors are encouraged to submit an essay with their artwork and in May one will be chosen for a $1,000 scholarship to any college of their choice.

"I'd like to see other businesses follow suit, and even challenge other businesses to get involved in the kids in high school and to produce more art that we can show off around the Coast," Dr. Frigo said.

To learn more about the art on display or the senior scholarship you can email

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