Pigs, horse and pony ready for adoption in Jackson Co.

Pigs, horse and pony ready for adoption in Jackson Co.

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Two Pot Bellied pigs, a horse and a pony. They are an atypical group of animals gathered at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, but they all have one thing in common.

They are looking for forever homes.

Shelter officials say Andy, a male Pot Bellied pig, Allie, a female Pot Bellied pig, Spark, a Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker mix and Dynamite, and Appaloosa Stud Pony, are all looking for someone to give them permanent homes.

Andy was surrendered by his owner in October. Allie was picked up as a stray in September. Spark, 1, and Dynamite, 4, were both surrendered last month.

The shelter does have a barn and pasture area, but officials say with these four larger animals occupying the space, the pasture area is at its capacity.

"Although the shelter does have a pasture and barn, we are not ideally equipped to house pasture animals for long periods of time," said Shelter Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette. "They really need to find permanent homes where they can have more space to graze."

Shelter officials say adoption fees for the pigs are $35 a piece and $100 a piece for the horses.

If you are interested in making an adoption or would like to schedule a visit, please call the shelter at 228-497-6350 on show up in person. The shelter is located at 4400 Audubon Lane in Gautier.

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