Moss Point's new police chief on a mission to sweep drugs, crime off the streets

Moss Point's new police chief on a mission to sweep drugs, crime off the streets

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's new police chief said he is ready to make the city a safer place to live. The city's board of aldermen unanimously voted Art McClung to take over police department last week. He's been serving as interim chief since Keith Davis stepped down last year.

For more than 15 years, Chief McClung has worked in the law enforcement field helping fight crime.

"My excitement is gratefulness, the gratefulness that God has allowed me to get to a place where I can help people even more."

McClung said one way to do that is working to make the city drug free.

"I want to push hard at correcting the narcotics problem. I don't want to single out Moss Point, because Moss Point doesn't have any greater drug problem than another city. But I really want to focus on the narcotics problem, because that is crime that leads to other crimes like your burglaries, shooting and assaults," McClung said.

The new chief is also working on building a solid police team, and increasing patrols around town to keep people safe and combat crime.

"We are really enforcing the laws. I always tell my patrol guys, one of the greatest serial killers was caught on a traffic stop. We are doing traffic stops, we are patrolling neighborhoods, we are pushing neighborhood watch, and we are about get more patrolmen on the road."

McClung also wants the police department to partner with the local schools to encourage young people to stay out of trouble and on the road to success.

"I love young people. As you know, I love children. We are about to start our programs again, our D.A.R.E program, our conflict resolution program are just some of the programs we have in the schools. We want to get out and continue the involvement with our youth. So it is really an exciting time to be here in Moss Point."

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