Jackson County faces influx on unwanted animals at shelter

Jackson County faces influx on unwanted animals at shelter

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It has been a rough week so far for Director Diane Robinson and her staff at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. More than 40 unwanted cats and dogs were dropped off in one day.

"I have been here for 10 months and that kind of intake, it is really challenging for us. We only have a certain amount of space, so when they just come in the door it gets concerning where we are going to put them," said Robinson.

Robinson said one of the dogs that was dropped off was pregnant and gave birth to seven puppies.

"People are not getting their animals spayed and neutered, the animals are having the puppies and they can't find homes for them, so they bring them here," said Robinson.

The shelter now has more than 200 furry friends living at the shelter. Shelter officials said to avoid the animals from being euthanized, the staff is calling on people in the community to give the cats and dogs permanent homes.

"Just adopt one. For every animal that gets out, that is a life saved. They are wonderful pets. I know people can get what they want if they come here and they will see we have a variety of fabulous animals," Robinson said.

Leslie Dubose agrees and was at the shelter giving some TLC to the stray animals.

"There are all these dogs and cats and they don't have homes. They need to be loved and cuddle at night and fed. It is pretty easy to take care of a dog or cat," Dubose said.

If you can't adopt a pet, the director said food and monetary donations are also welcomed. The shelter's staff said South Mississippians can just come and volunteer your time at shelter.

"If you want to help with chores or just hold a puppy or kitten, every little bit helps," said Dubose.

If you want to adopt a pet, it is $50.00. For more information on how you can help the shelter, please call the Jackson County Animal Shelter at 228-497-6350.

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