Another TRO issued against SRHS, but this one is different

Another TRO issued against SRHS, but this one is different

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - In the courtroom of chancery Judge Neil Harris, the judge made clear his position, when he told the crowd, "I do not want this plan terminated."

But this restraining order goes further than the others. It prevents health system officials from potentially destroying documents concerning the pension fund, according to plaintiff attorney Harvey Barton.

"Stop it, whatever you're shredding, stop it. Quit doing that, it's potential evidence," Barton implored.

Also Tuesday, the attorneys for the plaintiffs talked about what happened yesterday, the call by the board of supervisors for all members of the Singing River Health System board of trustees to resign.

They don't think that is such a good idea right now, according to attorney Earl Denham.

"Before they resign. If they decide to resign, pass a resolution to rescind the termination which will quit wasting my time having to get these constant TRO's. Let me get about the business of trying to recover money, identify the people responsible for this fiasco and re-fund the pension fund if that can still be done," Denham said.

Barton agreed.

"There was already three trustees that wanted to try and do something to protect and preserve the plan. I think it's a bad time frankly to start messing with the trustees."

One of the trustees is Mike Tolleson. His attorney, John Hunter was also in court on Tuesday, for what he called "good reason".

"So as not to restrict him on making decisions of alternatives that might exist regarding the improvement of the retirement plan for the benefit of the retirees," Hunter explained.

But the newest plaintiff, Brenda Eiland, sees immediate resignation as a good thing.

"We need somebody up there that's looking out for the interests of the hospital, and the retirees. And I don't think they were doing their job," Eiland said.

Officials for Singing River issued a statement last month saying they would have further comment on the continuing state court proceedings. As for the shredding of documents, health system officials called the allegation outrageous and untrue.

Meanwhile, the board of trustees discussed the call for resignations. No action was taken and no resignations were tendered.

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