Coast Murder Case Brings Texas Rangers To Jackson County

It's easy to spot a Texas Rangers walking through the hallways of the Jackson County Courthouse.

"First thing they notice is the hats," one Ranger said.

"Everybody has been talking about the TV show," Jackson County District Attorney Keith Miller said. "When you hear the name or term Ranger it just involves some form of respect."

The Rangers are here as part of pre-trial testimony for a murder case. These Rangers along with the Texas Highway Patrol were key in bring three suspects back to Mississippi for trail.

"Depending where the case might originate from, we might end up going everywhere," Ranger Gerardo De Los Santos said.

District Attorney Miller says, "We are certainly thankful for them and their involvement and their commitment to helping us. Without them, this case wouldn't have been solved."

The Texas Rangers have been around since 1823 and are oldest law enforcement agency in the United States. The Rangers say because of their history and several TV shows, they get a lot of attention wherever they go.

"Some people don't realize we do exist. They thought we were back in the cowboy days even some people in Texas," Ranger De Los Santos said.

The Rangers will be back to Jackson County when the actually murder trail begins later this year.