Moving Checklist!

Move Checklist

_ Eliminate - Eliminate everything that you do not want to move.  Moving is a great time to sort through the items that you collect.  If you are paying for this move, remember your cost is based upon weight.
_ Dresser Drawers - Dresser drawers may remain full with clothes, towels and linens. (Triple dressers, desks, armoires and lateral filling cabinets do, however, need to be emptied.)
_ First Day Arrival Items - Make sure you use some of your drawers to put a clean set of linens for each bed, and a clean towel and sleepwear for each person.  This way you do not have to find certain boxes on delivery day.


_ Obtain Records - Obtain the following records:  Children's school records, dental and medical records, veterinary records.
_ Compile List - Compile a list of names, addresses and phone numbers for those persons you may need to contact once you're at your destination.
_ Change of Address Forms - Send change of address forms to the Post Office, DMV, insurance companies, finance companies, business contacts, friends and relatives.
_ Discontinue Utilities  - Contact the cable, telephone, water and power companies to discontinue service.  Arrange to have the cut off day to be the day after your load date.
_ Discontinue Other Services - Give dates for discontinuing service for fuel, newspaper, milk, laundry, cleaning, garbage, etc...
_ Club Memberships - Sell, transfer or resign club memberships
_ Bank Accounts - Have the bank transfer accounts and get cash/travelers checks for your trip.
_ Utilities at New Location - Arrange to have utilities turned on the day before move in.


_ Disconnect Appliances - The following appliances should be disconnected by you or the moving company will arrange to have a professional do it for a fee:  washer, dryer, refrigerator (ice maker), swing set, pool table, grandfather clocks, waterbed.
_ Disconnect Stereos, TV's  & Computers - You will need to disconnect and reconnect stereos, televisions, VCR's and computers.


_ Plants  - Moving companies cannot assume responsibility for living plants.  Drivers may make an attempt to get them to the destination for you, but if any damage is done, the moving company will not take responsibility for it.  Keep in mind that it will be dark, with no water available, and there is no controlling temperature inside of the truck.  Please check with the department of agriculture if your destination is AZ, NM, CA, or FL to see if permits are needed to transport your plant. 
_ Flammable Items - Flammable items may not be transported by the movers. Such items are:  paint, oil, propane tanks, finger nail polish and remover, matches, batteries, ammunition, and any other items that if spilled, would cause permanent damage to your belongings.
_ Permanent Attachments - Movers are not allowed to dismantle any items that are permanently attached to your house.
_ Frozen Foods - Begin to use your frozen food supply.  Movers do not move any frozen or refrigerated items.  Make sure that you defrost your freezer 24 hours in advance of the mover arriving if you are moving it.


_ Valuable Documents - Transport all valuable documents with you:  birth certificates, marriage license, stocks and bonds.
_ Family Momentos & Albums - Move family mementos and albums with you.  If anything catastrophic were to happen to the truck, we can replace furniture, clothes and other items, but family treasures are irreplaceable.
_ 24-Hour Box - You will need to develop a 24-hour box.  Inside this box, you should put items that you will need to access in the first 24 hours, such as:  alarm clock, phone, VCR, video tapes, bowls, utensils, bathroom tissue, napkins, cereal, coffee pot, etc...
_ Take It With You - Have all items that you are going to transport in your car out of the house before the movers arrive.  The last thing you want is for the movers to load something that they were not supposed to.
_ "Do Not Move" Signs - Clearly mark with signs any items that you do not want the mover to move.
_ Be Ready - Be ready to move when the movers arrive.  Make sure any packing is completed the day before the movers arrive.
_ Final Tour - Make a final tour of the premises to be sure everything has been packed and loaded.
_ Bill of Lading - Sign and receive a copy of the bill of lading.  It states terms of the shipment and it is your receipt.  Make certain:  your declared valuation protection is listed in the proper amount, destination address is correct, and you have given a phone number where you can be reached while we are transporting your goods.


_ Call John Fayard Moving - Upon arrival at your destination, call John Fayard Moving immediately to confirm your contact phone number and find out the status of your delivery day.
_ New House Readiness - Make certain the house is ready for occupancy when the van arrives.


_ Direct Placement of Each Piece - As the movers unload, direct placement of each piece.  They will lay rugs and set up beds and furniture, but they are not allowed to install or attach appliances or fixtures, hang pictures, mirrors, curtain rods or racks.  These services can be arranged through John Fayard Moving.
_ Check Condition of Each Piece - Check the condition of your belongings as they are unloaded.  If any items are damaged or missing, note it on the inventory sheets - this is important!  Make a note, even if  boxes are damaged on the outside.  Call John Fayard Moving to obtain a claim form if necessary.