Police find man dead after setting fire to home, attempting to shoot wife

Police find man dead after setting fire to home, attempting to shoot wife

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Some Pascagoula residents are in shock after a man burned his home and killed himself in their neighborhood after trying to shoot his wife and her mother. Elarry Brumfield was found dead in the home on Merrywood Court after an hour standoff.

Yellow tape now surrounds the burned home where police say Brumfield died after setting the place on fire.

"You could see the flames through the windows. It was crazy," neighbor Douglas Meek said.

Meek lives across the street from where the fire happened and described the scene as chaotic.

"The right side of the house lit up first, and then the left side went up, and finally, the fire department came and started spraying it down and busted out all the windows. About 30 minutes after that, they went in. That is when they found him," Meek said.

Pascagoula police say a few hours before the fire, Brumfield was in a nearby Walgreens parking lot attempting to shoot his wife.

"A victim had told us that her husband had started shooting at her and her mother, so we brought them to the police station, and then officers went to look for the suspect and found him at his house," Capt. James Massey said.

Massey said police made several attempts to get Brumfield to come out of his home, but he refused and barricaded himself inside. The standoff lasted more than an hour.

"Knocking on the door, talking to him, tried to give him a cell phone so he could talk to us. During the course of that time, he set the house on fire and he was inside," said Massey.

The motive is still unknown as police continue to investigate this case. As for neighbors like Meek, they still can't believe this happened on their street.

"I was in shock. This is a quiet neighborhood. You never see anything like this. I don't understand why he just didn't come out. No reason to light yourself on fire in your own house," Meek said.

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