MLK Youth Summit encourages Coast teens to dream big

MLK Youth Summit encourages Coast teens to dream big

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Instead of playing video games or hanging out at the mall Saturday, nearly 100 teens spent their weekend learning about voting rights and how to be a successful student and future leader. Camryn Tart and Marcus Taylor were part of that inquisitive group.

"My first class was about how to start your own business so you make it somewhere in life. The course I was just in, it was talking about civil rights," Marcus said.

The teenagers also got some good advice about social media.

"I learned that being on social media, you have to be careful what you post. It follows you seven years back and college and to your jobs, so you have to watch what you post," Camryn said.

Organizers said the Dr. Martin Luther King Youth Summit is hosted every year to inspire the younger generation to make a positive difference in the community.

"We are giving away shirts that say all lives matter this year, and it's kind of centering our theme your movement, your time, all lives matter, so they can understand in this community, the U.S., the world, they matter in everything they do and decisions that they make. Where they are going in life, it is leaving a path for someone else," event organizer Ja'Leasa Walden said.

Radio veteran of WJZD Tabari Daniels agrees. He also volunteered his time to promote Dr. King's message of freedom, justice and equality.

"The relevance right now with the things that have happened last year with Eric Garner and Mike Brown, so there is a lot of relevance there. It is an opportune time to have that discussion about civil rights and the polarizing figure that you have with Dr. King," Daniels said.

Many of the teens said after attending the summit they'll do their best to uphold King's values and dream big.

"So you can set a pathway for people to follow," Marcus said.

"We have to focus and prove we are trying to have a positive future," Camryn said.

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