Former French residents react to terror attack

Former French residents react to terror attack

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Paris' tragedies this week have shaken the world. Right here in South Mississippi WLOX News spoke to some residents who've both lived and recently traveled to France. For them social media has been their eyes and ears to the terror in France.

"I saw that something was very wrong. When I kept on seeing posts by my friends and family and pictures being posted that's when I realized that something is very wrong,” said Sarah Haynes, who hails from France.

Haynes became a U.S. citizen on the same week her home country was attacked.

"You know, as I was going through the ceremony, I was happy to become a U.S. citizen and also I could not stop thinking about my home country and what was going on there and it was very difficult to hold back emotions as to what's happening there,” said Haynes.

Fiona Lipscomb lived in France in the early 1990s. For her the terror threat hits close to home.

"I just did a little bit of zooming in to see where it was in relation. It was actually within walking distance of where my apartment was. So then it really struck home,” said Lipscomb.

Ironically, Lipscomb also once lived in the neighborhood where hostages were taken at the kosher supermarket in France.

"I thought goodness this is really serious, that was my old stomping ground,” said Lipscomb.

Since the killings France has taken to social media to show unity and support.

"A lot of my French friends and family are posting a lot of videos of vigils and pictures in solidarity of the wounded and the dead,” said Haynes.

Even with the terror gripping France, both woman said they feel the European country is still safe.

"People like my family feel safe. I think that the French government is doing its utmost to ensure the safety of the citizens,” said Haynes.

"It's a very beautiful city and I would jump on the first plane and go back in a heartbeat. I certainly wouldn't let it affect any travels or anything like that,” said Lipscomb.

The US has issued a worldwide travel alert urging Americans traveling overseas to maintain a "high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness."

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