Victims Discuss Mess Allegedly Left By Camacho

Solomon and Samantha Wheeler needed a good cornerman to patch up the damage from a December 2 burglary.

"It was obvious right away that someone was in here that wasn't supposed to be in here," Mr. Wheeler said, describing what his store looked like when he got there.

More than a month later, a trail of cracked and missing ceiling tiles still extended from the ZDI Computer Center to an adjoining office. The ceiling was where the burglary suspect -- former world boxing champion Hector "Macho" Camacho allegedly entered and escaped.

"It was completely ransacked," Mrs. Wheeler said. "I mean you couldn't even get in there, it was so nasty. All of our inventory was on the floor. Files were pulled out of cabinets. Boxes were turned over."

Her husband tallied up the damage.

"A total of seven laptops all together were taken through the ceiling and found next door, hidden in various places next door," he said.

Pictures taken by Wheeler showed blood splattered on computers and walls. The Wheelers also found keys found in the office. The keys belonged to a car parked outside -- a car the Wheelers saw Camacho drive prior to the burglary.

Here's the part that bothered the Wheelers the most  -- there was urine soaking parts of Mrs. Wheeler's office.

"He actually peed in my fax machine, and down around the carpet," Mrs Wheeler said.

Her husband then picked up the story.

"The only thing we could think of was maybe he fell through and urinated in the process," he said, "because everything from about head level down in that corner was soiled upon."

"And I had to clean that up," the computer man's wife said. "It was quite disgusting."

The suspect allegedly responsible for the mess and the burglary was the 42-year-old boxer who recently bought a computer at the Wheelers's Courthouse Road store.

"Amazing, huh? It isn't something you hear everyday," said Wheeler.

Hector Camacho faces burglary charges in Gulfport, and drug charges in Biloxi. Police say they found esctasy in Camacho's hotel room when they arrested him.