Pass Christian woman loses 120 pounds

Pass Christian woman loses 120 pounds
Gina Scamardo and Rebekah Senter (Photo source: WLOX)
Gina Scamardo and Rebekah Senter (Photo source: WLOX)

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - A Pass Christian woman is living proof that a lot of hard work and dedication can shed unwanted pounds. Rebekah Senter has lost 120 pounds in just a year and a half, and she is still pushing to reach her goal.

"There was no particular reason, not that someone said something to me or I looked in the mirror," Senter said. "It was just I needed to do something for myself. I needed to be healthy."

Senter was 250 pounds when she decided to join the gym.

"It was definitely overwhelming, because I didn't know what I was doing or how I was doing it, even if I was doing it correctly," Senter said laughing. "I can guarantee you I was not doing it correctly."

Around the same time, Gina Scamardo began her career as a personal trainer.

"I took it from the heart and said, 'I'm going to give one to God, pick somebody and I'm going to take them under my wing and I'm going to train them,'" Scamardo said. "She was coming down the steps one day and I looked at her and I said, 'That's her.' I walked up to her and I said, 'Hey, my name is Gina. I would like to train you, and I don't want to charge you.'"

"She said, 'I hope I'm not offending you,'" Senter said. "So I was like, 'No, you are not offending me. In fact, this is exactly what I need. This would be great, absolutely. Absolutely let's do this.'"

They started with a fitness assessment and figured out Senter needed to lose 125 pounds to be a healthy weight. Senter and Scamardo began training two days a week, and Senter did cardio three other days on her own.

"She never knows what she's going to do when she comes in," Scamardo said. "We incorporate weights, cardio. We do ropes. She runs steps. I don't know what she hasn't done for me."

Senter said exercise was only half of the equation.

"One day I asked her to go to lunch, and we went over to Uncle Joe's Pizza because that's my favorite food. I had one slice of pizza and she had three," Scamardo said. "I knew then, right then and there, it was a diet that I needed to work on."

"It was tough and it is still tough. I mean, you have to constantly watch it and that way I do it right. This is an ultimate lifestyle change," Senter said.

After a year and a half training with Scamardo, Senter has lost 120 pounds and only has five left to lose to reach her goal. Senter admits it has not always been easy, but she said it has been worth it.

"I have found who I am supposed to be because, I'm a mom of three kids. I'm a wife. Also, I found that I wanted to work, and now I'm working at the best place I started working out at, Prestige Fitness, that right there, that helped," Senter said in tears.

Looking back at the pictures, Senter still cannot believe her transformation.

"You know, you don't look in the mirror. You just walk past it," Senter said. "To see myself now, it's like wow. I look even better than I did in high school. This is the best and healthiest I have ever been."

"There's no words to express how I feel," Scamardo said in tears. "It's incredible."

"I'm living proof that you can do this," Senter said.

If you would like to shed some pounds, Prestige Fitness has an event Thursday where they are going to announce a big weight loss competition.

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