D'Iberville cold weather shelter expecting another crowd

D'Iberville cold weather shelter expecting another crowd

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Eighty five people escaped the big chill Wednesday night, finding a warm bed at the cold weather shelter in D'Iberville. They expected a similar crowd on Thursday night, with temperatures again dropping below freezing.

"I'm thinking we're going to have pretty close to 70 or 80 tonight. Because some were not allowed in Gulfport and they'll be coming here," said shelter volunteer Myron Magill. "And some that stayed out last night are realizing how cold it is and they'll be here tonight."

Elizabeth Nault was among those who found shelter from the freezing weather.

"There was a lot of people, but everything was good and calm. Everybody was fed and watched TV, got warm and went to sleep. It was very nice of these people to open their doors up for us. And we need somewhere to stay," she said.

Goutha "Goat" Brown from Vancleave needed some live bait this frigid morning.

"Had to wait until it thawed out for the minnows to warm up," he said, bobbing his cane pole in a waterway beside the I-110.

He and his friend were bundled-up and looking to stock up for a fishing trip Friday.

"Most people is using artificial bait now. You can catch a few trout on artificial, you know," said Brown, "But if you can get live bait, you'll have a little better fish."

There was plenty of extra ice Thursday morning outside the Harrison County Road Department in D'Iberville. That's because a cold weather problem caused the water tower overhead to overflow.

By mid-morning, repair crews were fixing the problem and the South Mississippi sun was taking aim on all the picturesque ice left behind.

The cold weather shelter in D'Iberville normally closes at 7am. However, it stayed open all day because of the lingering cold temperatures.

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