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Marina At Bayou Caddy Undergoing Major Expansion

The Hancock County Boat Marina at Bayou Caddy is undergoing a major expansion project. 350-feet of docking space is being added to the marina for commercial fishermen. Construction will soon start on a new public fishing pier at the site as well.

It's mid-afternoon and fisherman David Carver is about to dock at the Bayou Caddy Marina after a hard day of dredging for oysters. For Carver and his crew the marina means a hassle free environment for docking.

"You got your electricity, the water , you don't have the chaos with the other boats, tying up on side of you," Carver said.

Right now the marina has slips for 21 commercial fishing boats. When the 350-foot long dock expansion project is complete. There will be room for up to seven more commercial fishing boats.

Slip space is in high demand in the area because there are catches to docking at a seafood processor's dock.

DMR Commissioner Oliver Sahuque, told WLOX NEWS, "If you don't sell your product to them you can't tie up, where here you can be independent. You can sell to the dealer or you can sell to the public."

County leaders hope to add even more docking space on the East side of the marina in the near future. Immediate future plans call for a 122 foot long public fishing pier in this location.

"You're going to have 2 covered ends if it starts to rain you will have a place to go. It will be lighted," District 1 Supervisor David Yarborough said.

Eighteen new security cameras recently added to the marina will help protect from theft and vandalism here.

Fisherman Carver told WLOX NEWS, "You feel secure you don't have to come check your boat all through the night."

Yarborough echoed his words.

"They do loose a little thing here and a little thing there but little things add up when you're out there making a hard living it makes a difference."

County leaders say the Bayou Caddy Marina is shaping up to be a first rate facility. Tidelands money will fund most of the marina upgrades. The expansion work is expected to be complete in about a month. So far $1.9 million has been spent on the marina project.

by Al Showers

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