Health officials say only one student infected with Tuberculosis

Health officials say only one student infected with Tuberculosis

The Mississippi Department of Health said it has identified an active case of Tuberculosis (TB) at Gautier High School. Though, they confirm it is an isolated incident.

A letter sent by the Pascagoula School District to parents said the health department will work with the school district to identify and test those who may have been exposed. Classes will resume at Gautier High School on Wednesday.

The State Health Department will host a meeting on the matter for parents at the Singing River Academy Auditorium on Tuesday at 6 p.m. to provide further information and answer questions.

Read the letter here:

According to the Mississippi Department of Health officials, a student at Gautier High School has been identified with an active case of TB. The spokesperson went on to say, there has been no ongoing or current risk of exposure, and the chance of infection is minimal from this case.

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The student with TB has been out of school since before the Christmas break. The health department does not know when or how the student contracted the disease. The focus now is on preventing the spread of it.

The TB bacteria is spread through the air, direct contact over an extended period of time, not through casual contact.

The Mississippi Health Department has identified about 100-150 students at Gautier High, who may have been in contact with the infected student.

As a precaution, the MS Health Department will notify and test those particular students. The testing date is January 13. The student with TB will not be allowed to return to school until he or she has fully recovered.

However, it is safe for all students and staff to return to school as scheduled on Wednesday.

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