Snowbird Walkers Will Continue To Come

With Edgewater Bay Golf Course scheduled to close over the next couple of months, snowbirds are enjoying their last rounds of golf on the greens. Folks who come down to the coast during the winter months from up north enjoy the course and say they're sad to see it go. Many snowbirds "walk" through their round of golf at Edgewater Bay, and it's one of the few courses on the coast that allows walking all day.

Out-of-towners tell us they like the exercise it provides but now they'll have to make other plans for future visits. Dick Wallerstedt is from Michigan and already has plans.

"The SeaBee Course lets you walk and that's probably where we'll end up next year probably because this one will be closed."

Bob Curry is also from Michigan and has been playing golf in South Mississippi for ten years now. "We'll continue to come down here and we'll continue to play golf as long as I can walk."

Most of the golfers we talked to have already looked into other courses for next year. Edgewater Bay workers tell us they're hoping to get a couple more months of golf in before they shut down.