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Residents Want Roads Repaired

Residents of C. Byrd Road in Gautier say they've had enough. Those residents say their roads have been one long, bumpy, muddy mess ever since work began on the city's water and sewer project.

Nelson Plumbing out of Tennessee was contracted to complete the job by last October, but that hasn't happened. People living in the construction area say they want something done now.

"I just want everything put back the way it was in the beginning," say Barry Todd who lives on C. Byrd Road.

Todd says the road has gone to the dogs since construction began more than a year ago. He says poor road conditions have caused one inconvenience after another.

"I've been late for work two hours before because the roads have been completely impassable," says Todd.

Most major holes have been filled, but Todd says both he and his wife's cars still take a beating from pot holes and debris in the road.

"It scratched her paint. I've had tires gone flat and I'm sure the suspensions on the cars been damaged in some way because of all the potholes and running into the ditches to get around the mud piles."

The roads are only part of the problem. Betsy Wiggins says most of the ditches and culverts on the road have been filled in, which causes serious flooding when it rains.

"Oh it's horrible," says Wiggins. "You can't sometimes you can't get in, or out either, because of the flood water."

Both Todd and Wiggins have called and complained about the mess.

"Nothing ever happens," says Todd. "There's no accountability with anybody."

"They been saying that it would get fixed and they'd repave it and they haven't done it."

Councilman Jim Savage says Nelson Plumbing has assured city leaders the project will be complete by the end of February.That means they'll have to finish laying all pipelines and restore roads to the condition they were in before work began, but residents aren't so sure and say they'll believe it when they see it.

"It was supposed to be finished in June, then October. Now they're saying it'll be finished until February. I doubt it'll be finished in February," says Todd.

If the weather cooperates contractors have said things should be back to normal on C. Byrd Road soon.

City leaders approved a motion earlier this week that would fine Nelson Plumbing $500 a day until the project is complete. The fines would begin adding up each day since October 13th, 2004 until work is complete.

by Josh Ridgdell

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