Sunday is last day to lace up your ice skates at Coliseum

Sunday is last day to lace up your ice skates at Coliseum

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The lines were long but moving fast for the last weekend of ice skating at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. This has been normal for nearly every weekend since the middle of November.

By the time this weekend's skating is over, the Coliseum will have drawn nearly 11,000 people from throughout the region onto the rink in just six weeks.

This was the second time this weekend that Jennifer Jones and her girls tried to get in.

"The line was extremely long. We were way, way back, and we said we'll try again tomorrow and just come an hour early," said Jones, of Biloxi. "We tried and we were even farther back than yesterday. So, we're trying it a second time."

Matt McDonnell, Assistant Executive Director of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, is pleasantly surprised with the success.

"We've been skating every year since we've had hockey, but I think the fact that we've promoted it a lot harder; we had a condensed window to skate in along with better times and the popularity of the movie "Frozen" I believe has all come in and created a perfect scenario for us," McDonnell said.

Jessica Morgan, of Biloxi, grew up around ice skating in Wisconsin.

"I was fortunate," Morgan said. "My babies were born in Mississippi, so to be able to share that experience with them is really, really nice, and I'm grateful for it."

Friends Camille Cottone, Gracie Saucier, Reagan Fairley and Grace Koons have been skating about five times, but practice comes first.

"She practices in her socks," Camille said, pointing to Gracie. "On the floor, at home. You know, how when you glide across the wood. We do that a lot."

"That's how we practice. Before we come here, we slide around on our socks," added Reagan, of Gulfport.

McDonnell said ice skating will be offered next year and as long as the "Disney On Ice" program continues at the Coliseum.

There are three more chances to take on the ice this season. The rink will be open Sunday at 2, 4:30, and 7 p.m. The cost is $10, which includes skate rental.

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