JSU Students Say Black Spring Break Should Be Fun Event

"For sure I'm going," one Jackson State University Student said.

That seems to be the consensus from the majority of students at Jackson State about this year's black spring break. Students say everybody's talking about it, and for those who are making the trek, everybody's looking forward to it.

"It's a lot of people there and it's time for college students to have fun and just enjoy the weather," JSU student Carmice Barnes said.

The students are expecting the crowds to be huge. They say the word about black spring break is spreading through the TV and the Internet.

Edward Curtis is the Dean of Student Affairs at JSU. Curtis says campus leaders have talked with students about their conduct during the event. Last year, some spring breakers caused problems with rowdy behavior and by blocking traffic.

"All of our students are basically good students, and they are law abiding citizens, but what we can do is make them aware of what's taken place and what can take place in the event inappropriate conduct is exemplified," he said.

But these college students say they don't plan on causing any problems. They just want to have a good time.

"I just want to see the beautiful women. I'm just keeping it real. It's a nice break, something to do."