Have you planned your New Year's resolution?

Have you planned your New Year's resolution?

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Many of you are already planning changes. Some big and some small for 2015. But according to the University of Scranton's Journal of Clinical Psychology, only about eight percent of people are successful at achieving their resolution.

So what do South Mississippians consider the most failed New Year's resolutions? And how can you achieve your goal? WLOX went around town to find out.

With the start of every New Year comes motivation for self improvement.

"I'm going to try to slow down and smell the roses a little bit this year," Allen Hutchins said.

"My biggest resolution this year is to spend more time with my kids my girls," said Alex Deeks.

"Spirituality. Finances. Spirituality and just being a better me," said Dre Parker.

Though, the Journal of Clinical Psychology reports the top most popular resolution is to lose weight. The report also notes very few people are able to successfully complete any resolution.

"Well they get started and they get stressed or whatever and they turn right back to it and quit doing whatever it is they're doing," said Joe Ford.

"The most failed New Year's resolution, I would think, would be loosing weight," said Sandra Ryan.

"A lot of people smoking is probably a good goal that people don't follow through with," said Kimberly Green.

Around New Year's Planet Fitness sees a wave of people signing up to improve their body.

"People have a resolution to loose the holiday weight and get in shape and get back to feeling a little bit better physically," said Planet Fitness General Manager Andrew Zornes.

Salon Alexander has also seen an increase in clientele.

"At the shop I'm seeing a lot of people changing their looks. Getting new creations with the way they want to wear their hair.
Extensions put in. Changing their color up. Getting that new zesty cut they've been looking for," said Salon Alexander owner Alex Deeks.

How can you ensure you stay on the path to a new you this year?

"People do sometimes start off strong and then fall off a little bit later and I think part of the issue there is maybe focusing a little too much on the results rather than just focusing on maintaining the consistency and having fun with the activity," said Zornes.

"Put those thoughts of wanting it or desires to do that into action," said Ryan.

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