Students Plan For Future As Economic Slump Continues

Brittanie Ingram is a Junior at Stone County High School. She is among 110 high school students who are getting their first introduction to the working world at the "Business Conference for Juniors" in Gulfport. Many students have big dreams for the future.

Brittanie plans to go to college and get a degree in the medical field. Kenny Perkins of Gulfport High wants to be an aeronautical engineer. Several students say right now, they are worried about recent news of job cuts and a weak economy. But they're optimistic they'll find a job once they hit the work force.

Brittanie says over the years, there are rises and falls in the stock market. She says right now, it's in a drop, but eventually it'll start peaking again. Brittanie hopes it'll peak when her generation starts looking for careers.

Kenny says as things drop, they can also build back up. He says he's confident he'll find a job in his field, or related to his field. Brandi Robinson of Harrison Central High agrees that the stock market will pick up. The students hope their predictions will come true as they look ahead to the future.

The "Gulf Coast School-to-Career Partnership" sponsored Thursday's Business Conference for Juniors at the Orange Grove Community Center. The conference is held four times a year.

By: Trang Pham-Bui