Community Leaders Told Stennis Still Growing

Community leaders were briefed on the state of Stennis at a meeting Thursday. They also got a glimpse of what's in the center's future. The crowd heard the latest on the Naval Oceanographic Office, as well as an overview on the Gulf of Mexico Program at Stennis.

NASA officials say it all adds up to a promising and exciting future.

"The establishment of now commercial entities out here, Lockheed Corporation moving a lot of their activities out of California in here to create really an aerospace industrial park is very exciting," Mark Craig, acting director of the space center, said. "The space base laser, which is coming in here, the National missile defense system needs to begin testing that capability, and they're going to do it right here."

Today's Community Leaders Briefing was sponsored by "Partners For Stennis," an organization made up of Mississippi and Louisiana community leaders. The group's mission is to promote Stennis and recruit new business and industry to the Space Center.