Bridge Goes Up In Blast

It wasn't the biggest explosion,  but it was enough to blast concrete off the old Kremer Marine bridge. The structure must go to clear the channel for marine traffic.

William Satterfield and Danny Gallick live near the bayou on Bridge Street. Gallick says about mid-morning he saw transportation representatives taking pictures of the nearby houses and they told him what was going on.

"They said there'd be an explosion today about one. I thought it'd be a big explosion cause they were taking pictures of the concrete underneath it so, they said be prepared for a shock from the explosion."

When it was time for the dynamite to blow, Satterfield grabbed his video camera. "Just to see an explosion I think on a pretty day and it was, it was everything I expected to be. It was different, I haven't ever seen one," Satterfield said.

Project engineer James Clark says blasting the bridge is the best way to get rid of it. "It's such a mass hunk of concrete and so much steel in it, it's the most economical way to get it torn down."

Police stopped traffic until the "all clear" was given. Clark says the public's safety and the safety of the new bridge were big concerns. "That's correct and the traveling public to make sure nuthing came up on the bridge to hinder our openin' traffic back up."

Traffic was flowing smoothly again before 1:30. The rest of the bridge will be blasted on Monday.