Mississippi State getting down to business in Miami


WLOX has arrived at Sun Life Stadium in the beautiful Miami, Florida. Look at all these jerseys, helmets, just so much history from the Orange Bowl. Mississippi State has been a part of that, but not since 1941 when they defeated Georgetown in the Orange Bowl. Both teams, the Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, had a chance to meet the media today inside the club level at Sun Life Stadium earlier today.

Dak Prescott said, "The thing about what we've done this season and to think about how far we've come along and just the record breaking season we've had. We've done a lot of things for the first time and to be here in such a prestigious bowl game especially for this university and especially for those guys."
They said today that it was 1941 the last time we've been here, "stated Jay Hughes. "t's definitely a big accomplishment for the school, the community and for ourselves. We're really grateful for the opportunity and we're glad to be here."

Dan Mullen said, "he fact that we've been to a couple of the bowl games the past few years has really helped our guys understand the bowl routine but the older guys and the leadership do a great job of getting us into our game week, getting us into our game routine. It's Thursday for us. I don't know what day it is for the rest of the world but today is a Thursday and all of our guys have that mindset that we're in a Thursday practice and in our Thursday routine."

Mississippi State ranked number seven, Georgia Tech ranked number 12. Kickoff on New Year's Eve is set for 8 o'clock local time. That's 7 o'clock on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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