Sugar Bowl fans filling up coast hotels

Sugar Bowl fans filling up coast hotels
Coast hotels are filling up fast. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Coast hotels are filling up fast. (Image Source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Sugar Bowl is just three days away, and even though the big game is in New Orleans, coast hotels are filling up fast. The bowl game has been played annually in New Orleans since 1935, and this year Alabama is in the big match up, which means many of the Crimson Tide fans are staying right here on the coast.
"Phones have been ringing off the hook since Maria walked in this morning. We've been able to handle everybody. There's not a single person we haven't been able to accommodate," said Linda Hornsby
Hornsby, who is the executive director of the Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association, said they offer package deals that include hotel and a bus ride to New Orleans, every year, but it's years when there is a south eastern team in the game that are most beneficial to South Mississippi hotels.
"It's almost all Alabama [fans]. We just booked our first Ohio client, so that will be interesting. But like I said in previous years we've done as many as 15 buses," said Hornsby.
Right now, only four buses are full, but Hornsby is expecting one or two more to fill up over the next couple of days.
"I would say the three ways we are receiving calls right now are repeat customers that have booked with us before, so they are doing it again, word of mouth, and the CVB's website," said Hornsby.
Hornsby said while the Sugar Bowl promotion has been beneficial to hotels all across the coast, and a big draw for fans to stay here is of course the casinos.

"The majority of them are asking about casinos, and so we have a lot more casinos than New Orleans does, as well as nine casino hotels, museums, lots of cultural things to do," said Hornsby.

Two shuttle services will be provided for those going to the game. One will leave at 9:00 a.m. to allow fans some extra time in New Orleans, while another bus will leave at 3:00 p.m. and take them straight to the game.

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