Page 13: South Mississippi goes to Hollywood

Page 13: South Mississippi goes to Hollywood

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's award season in the movie industry. Oscars will be handed out next month and the Golden Globe awards will be given next week. All the stars receive a gift bag stuffed with goodies and Marina Cottage Soap Co. in Ocean Springs has sent some of their skin products to show organizers.

"For the Golden Globes this year, we made up different packages for the men and the women. All the nominees will get one," said owner Vanessa Mueller.

Last year, Mueller's products were given out to the movie industry's elite for the Academy Awards presentation. It's all pretty exciting for a homegrown company from South Mississippi.

"The pride to think Ocean Springs, actually the coast, is on its way to Hollywood is amazing," Mueller said.

All of the soaps, lotions, and other products are mixed by hand at Marina Cottage, made with natural ingredients. No chemicals here.

"If you use something the body uses, a natural and organic product, it's healthier," according to Mueller.

Vanessa opened her shop in 2012 and has experienced incredible growth, primarily because she pours her heart and soul into the business.

"You have to believe in yourself. You have to have desire and passion," the entrepreneur said.

Mueller made contact with the movie business when she went to market in Atlanta and, much to her surprise, Marina Cottage Soap Co. was discovered.

"I got an email saying our products had been chosen for the Oscars gift bag. I thought it was spam and deleted it. Finally, they called and asked if I got the email. I said, I thought it was a joke. Obviously, it wasn't," Mueller said.

So when you watch the stars come out for the Golden Globes Awards, you'll know a little bit of South Mississippi is there.

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