Flooded Neighborhood Drying Out

Folks living in raised houses along the Pascagoula River are starting to dry out. Spring flowers are now blooming in yards recently covered by flood waters.  But just two weeks ago, residents of Pascagoula River Estates in George County needed boats to get around their neighborhood.

The home of Grady and Jean Hilton on Holly drive is now accesible by car. Two weeks ago, visitors needed a boat to get here. The yard is finally drying out after several days of being covered with flood water.

Jean Hilton takes pride in her yard and flowers. She was anxious to resume yard work once the nearby river retreated.

"I'm just getting started with the clean up," she said. "Got a lot to do. Rebuild the flower beds, and we've got most everything put back in place. And now it's just getting the raking done."

The flowers didn't seem to mind the flood. Blooming azaleas and dogwoods abound. But the back waters of the Pascagoula river still swirl in the backyard, just beyond the rose bushes.

Roads that had been underwater during our last visit , are muddy but mostly passable now. This neighborhood is cleaning up.

Bobby Ratcliff's front yard had been more than knee deep in river water, even though he hauled in dirt to build it up.

"Probably around 300 loads and spread it and built our yard up. And we thought we might be safe. But Mother Nature didn't make it that way."

With the flooding gone, his wife can tend to her flower beds again. River water covered the plants for days. But they survived.

"Well the water was up, it was up in the yard about five or six days. If you submerged them for weeks, the bulbs and things wouldn't have been able to handle it. But they handled it all right," said Karen Ratcliff.

Folks who live with the threat of river flooding each year, apparently handled it all right also.