Are Singing River Health System's financial troubles hurting patient trust?

Are Singing River Health System's financial troubles hurting patient trust?

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - For two months, Singing River Health System has been in the news almost every day, but for all the wrong reasons. The system's financial difficulties have been well documented by the media. And all the bad press has led to the creation of a video explaining the medical mission at both Singing River and Ocean Springs hospitals, as well as the numerous system clinics. For hospital employees, the message is important.

"Our technology has not changed, our medical staff has not changed, our quality is still great and the medical staff wanted to get that in front of our patients," SRHS Chief Medical Officer Dr. Randy Roth explained.

That message seems to be working. Auto shop owner Bobby Tyson has been taking care of cars for a long time. Getting taken care of by Singing River is his first choice.

"My granddaughter went there on Christmas day with pneumonia and they took care of her with no problem. I have no problems with the people who work there," Tyson said.

Billy Pope was stopping by a clinic Monday for a check-up, and said he has no qualms about using Singing River.

"Well, I've been to them several times and I always had good results. I've never had any problems."

The same is true for Marilyn Ousley, "They've done me justice, my family and my husband, so there is no other place I would rather go. I hate about what's going on, but they are doing my family justice."

In the video, produced by the hospital, and placed on YouTube and other video venues, doctor after doctor, nurse after nurse talks about working at Singing River System and the care that they give people. But for Roth, it is really personal.

"I had my mom in the hospital here last week. She drove from New Orleans, Louisiana to get her health care here. I wouldn't do that if I felt it was any way in jeopardy of providing great care."

And hospital officials are hoping those feelings are a true reflection that won't fade away.

Hospital officials also say Ocean Springs Hospital is at full census this week, while Singing River Hospital is more than 90 percent occupied by patients.

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