Man runs to spread the love of reading

Man runs to spread the love of reading

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A man jogged his way to Biloxi this weekend, hoping to inspire others to read.

Dennis Yang's stop in South Mississippi came on day 119 of his adventure. As he runs across the country, Yang is promoting the importance of reading. "I'm a children's book author. I've written 110 children's books and they were originally for my adopted son. I found that the more kids read and more people read, in general, the better the lives that they lead," Yang said.

Yang runs through different states to hand deliver his books to children in orphanages and children hospitals, so they too can grasp the importance of reading.

You may wonder how a man can run for over 20 miles a day, with no distractions. Yang says, it's the kids that keep him going and makes his run easier. "Basically I teach them how to set goals, tell them what to do and how to do it. If they see me meet my goal then they're more likely to believe what I'm telling them," he says.

Yang says the most rewarding part of putting so many miles on his legs is meeting the hundreds of kids that understand the importance of reading education. "It's the holiday season and people are buying toys for the kids. For me, it's very similar. When I give them these things it's something I feel it will stay with them for the rest of their lives," Yang said.

Yang says his running journey will last for a least another year, when his reaches Marathon, Florida as his final destination. This journey across the United States is the second time he has run across the country to promote reading.

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