Liquor sales increase for New Year's celebrations

Liquor sales increase for New Year's celebrations

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Christmas celebrations are over and gone, but now we're just a few days away from the New Year. As holiday celebrations continue across the country, liquor is sure to be in the mix for many.

Wet roads didn't stop shoppers from going into Shawn's Petit Bois Liquors to purchase their New Year's party favorites.

Shawn Guider has been in business for more than 20 years, and she says this year, everyone started collecting their holiday beverages earlier than usual.

"This year, they started a little bit earlier. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and it took off since then, and our sales are up, I'm proud to say," Guider said.

Guider says she thinks she has the low gas prices to thank for those coming in buying more than usual.

"We're just here getting a personal bottle for the New Years, because gas is lower now, so we can buy a little bit more to drink," Shaneka Tucker said.

Liquor sales may increase this time of year but so does the concern for everyone's safety. Law enforcement officials ask you to drink responsibly.

"Of course it's against the law for us to serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated, so we do not do that by any means. People just planning ahead to not go out, and if they do, they have a designated driver," Guider said.

"Click it or ticket," Julius Richburg said.

"Or find yourself a designated driver, because everyone wants to live," Tucker said.

Cpl. Benjamin Seibert, with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, told WLOX they haven't responded to any fatalities so far this season, so they want to leave one final message to motorists who will be out for the New Year's celebration.

"The last thing we want to do is do a fatality notification on the holidays. Not only is it ruining the holidays for that family, but also too for us troopers," Seibert said. "We have to work these accidents, and we see the carnage. If you're driving under the influence, could be alcohol, could be prescription medication, we're going to do our job, and there's no amount of crying that's going to stop us from locking them up."

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