Shoppers grab bargains day after Christmas

Shoppers grab bargains day after Christmas

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - So you thought Christmas shopping was over? Not by a long shot. Shoppers were out in full force Friday to take advantage of discount prices.

While some folks were in search of post-holiday discounts, others were just anxious to cash in those gift cards.

"The mode we're in is now is continuing holiday," said Steve Moses, general manager of Best Buy in D'Iberville. "We have a lot of people who got gift cards for the holiday, a lot of people who got money for the holiday. So it's a continuation from a budgeting standpoint. It's pretty much in line with where we were at Christmas Eve."

At Kirkland's in D'Iberville, some prices are off 75 percent and will continue to be until the merchandise is gone. Business is almost as big as it was for Black Friday.

Pam Burley of Gautier makes this an annual event looking for new ornaments for next year's Christmas tree.

"I come out after Christmas to buy my Christmas ornaments for the next year," she said. "And I'm going for all gold next year for my tree. So I'm looking for ornaments."

For Amy Haffey of Biloxi, it's simply time to get out.

"Christmas day you stay in most of the day," she said. "At least we do. We play with our new toys, put stuff together. So you stay in your pajamas. So the next day, you're getting out of the house."

Shopping the day after Christmas is a traditional event for Lora Townsend of D'Iberville. And, she's not opposed to giving gifts a little late to save a little money.

"We got up early this morning, went and ate breakfast, and I have a truck full of stuff now just like I was Christmas shopping," she said. "We still have not completed Christmas. So, for the people I knew that I was doing Christmas with later, I got their presents today, too. Because I knew it'd be cheaper."

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