Movies on Christmas day a family tradition for many

Movies on Christmas day a family tradition for many

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - After the gifts are opened and everyone has been fed, you can add another Christmas Day tradition for families... going to the movies.

The lines were long at Cinemark in Gulfport, Thursday. Some showings were even sold out. For some families, it's a long-standing tradition. For others, like the McCaleb family of Long Beach, it's the beginning and a nice way to end the hectic day.

"Oh, yes. We've been through all of that," dad Michael McCaleb said. "Now it's time to sit back, we had famous chicken and dumplings, and now, we're just going to enjoy the movies."

It's also a new experience for Brandi Bowen and Brittany Adams, both of Gulfport.

"We've never done this before, we thought, what else to do, you know?" Bowen said.

"We thought it'd be cool to come out to the movies on Christmas," Adams said. "You get to see everyone."

Added Bowen: "Nothing's open. So it was like, 'Hey, the movies are open. Come out. Watch a movie. Spend time together.'"

The Caffey family of Pass Christian has been going to the movies on Christmas Day for about six years. It's part of a celebration that includes dance recitals and church service.

"I believe coming to the movies on Christmas a beautiful part of our family tradition," said Chase Caffey, "because it not only brings everybody together but it's something you can do that's enjoyable."

The Mason family of Gulfport has made moving going a tradition for nine years.

"We're military, so we travel a lot," said Roy Mason. "So it was something we started with a few friends of ours at another place and we just kept the tradition going."

And how do they decide which movie to go to? Mom Heather Mason usually decides.

Added daughter Darian: "It's usually a surprise to everybody but Mom."

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