Clean-up continues in storm-ravaged Columbia

Clean-up continues in storm-ravaged Columbia

Columbia, MS (WLOX) - Residents in storm-struck Columbia are continuing the clean-up on Christmas Day. It was only two days ago that a tornado touched down in that city, heavily damaging dozens of homes and businesses.

"It was very frightening," said Reverend Paul Cunningham, a Columbia resident. "It was scary. It was a life changing moment. I just thank God that we made it."

Many of people there are giving thanks on this Christmas. Two people were killed in Marion County by the storm, but residents there are grateful the death toll wasn't higher.

"There's not a lot left," said Martha Hall, who also lives in Columbia, "but whatever the Lord blessed us with, we're going to be thankful. Few little clothes maybe, maybe nothing else to amount to too much. But we're going to be, we're thankful."

Thousands of homes were without electricity after the storm. However, utility crews have restored most all of the power to the Columbia area.

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