Shopping comes down to the wire on Christmas Eve

Shopping comes down to the wire on Christmas Eve

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Shoppers rounded their final turns Wednesday to mark off the last few items on their gift lists. There was no shortage of shoppers at the Premium Outlets in Gulfport early in the morning and then the crowds remained steady throughout the afternoon. Many customers told WLOX about the upside to waiting until the last minute.

Christmas Eve brought out a different breed of shopper. The laser focused kind. This late in the shopping game most WLOX talked with said it's not a matter of what to buy but where to buy it. That was the case for Maurice and his special helper who were making a stop at Reebok.

"Michael Kors, the Nike Store, Reebok my wife she wanted some last minute, well some stuff to throw on to work out and everything. So you know? Just trying to grab some stuff," said Cowan.

"Gonna get some shoes for my sons and uh, got one more thing to get for my little girl here and maybe for my mom," said Garrett Lassabe.

While many people were wrapping up their last purchases. Melissa Ruiz was just getting started.

"I'm like not even half way done type. You're just starting? Pretty much," Ruiz said.

Ruiz said shopping is easier for her when she waits until the last minute. She also said for her the deals always seem better.

"Way more people, but a lot better deals. I think with the extra percentages off and the lower prices. So it just seems like I'm saving more money," Ruiz said.

"There trying to get rid of the merchandise in the stores. So they're going to mark it down. Ahh the negative is sometimes they don't," said Tamera King.

In addition to all the sales, shoppers said the inventory at most retailers was full also.

"Everything was 40 to 70 percent off and they stocked up pretty good. I didn't see anything that was out. So for me, it's great," said Cowan.

Though some of their varying reasons for shopping last minute may not make much sense to some shoppers agree, it's not all about the gift it is the thought that counts.

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