Rain and traffic are no match for last minute shoppers

Rain and traffic are no match for last minute shoppers

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - South Mississippi shoppers weighed there options Tuesday either wait out the weather another day or brave it to buy gifts.
With it being the day before Christmas Eve, it's no surprise many chose the latter and headed to the stores. They not only had the pressure of last minute shopping and traffic, but they also had strong wind and heavy rain to contend with.

Spotty rain. Packed out parking lots. Those circumstances were no match for last minute Christmas shoppers who braved it all to make sure their loved ones had a present this year.

"Come rain, come shine, sleet or hail, I'm going to be out here. For me, it's my loved ones. And they are really, really important to me," said Mark Jordan.

At Best Buy the general manager feared the weather would foil a typically busy retail day.

"It worried me, when I woke up. But it didn't actually effect the day. So when I saw the forecast I was like, not the right day for it to be raining. But people came out and they still shopped. And were in good spirits. So we got them taken care of," Best Buy General Manager Steve Moses explained.

"I actually got it for my mom and she loves it," a Best Buy worker told a customer.

Though Best Buy has reported an increase in sales leading up to December 25, some shoppers said the weather almost kept them from leaving the house and spending money.

"Three times we've went to go shopping and stopped because it was raining. Traffic, it's just horrible. I mean traffic is just backed up. You know the Promenade has got so many shops and so many centers," said Michael Deese, who was out shopping for presents for his family.

And just like others who bought gifts on this day, the season of giving prevailed.

"I don't think the weather's going to keep anyone out from shopping for Christmas to put a smile on their child's face. I think a parent will do anything," said Brandy Cook.

"I'd much rather come here and spend the money on her and come through this traffic and this weather because the end
result is worth it," Deese said

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