New Orleans Saints heading back down hill?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - It's hard to believe that the Saints will close out the 2014 season with 5 consecutive home losses in the Superdome. It was considered one of the toughest places for the opposition to play in the NFL.
That's no longer the case.

Head coach Sean Payton said, "When you put a string together and you're able to have success on the road or here at home it generally starts with playing well consistently and we haven't been able to do that."

The Saints downfall begins with the offensive line, one that hasn't given veteran quarterback Drew Brees enough time to throw the football all season long. On Sunday the Falcons defense, ranked dead last in the NFL in most categories, sacked Brees 5 times and came up with 2 interceptions.
Brees won't throw his offensive line under the bus.

"Pass protection is not just all the five guys in front of me, "stated Brees. "Tight ends are included in that. Running backs are included in that and I am very much included in that because there are times where a play is meant to take this long, so the ball needs to come out at this time. And if it doesn't then you know what, that's my fault."

Dropped passes by tight end Jimmy Graham didn't help. His play has dropped off drastically after he signed a 40 million dollar deal. His hunger for the game seems to have dissipated once he was signed, sealed and delivered.

Another problem area, the Saints defense. Last season defensive coordinator Rob Ryan built a top five defensive unit.
This season, the Saints defense ranks near the bottom.
The 2014 Saints were projected as Super Bowl contenders...but with a leaky offensive line, inconsistent receivers and a defense that consistently gives up big plays...
you have a team that is 6 and 9. The Super Bowl turned out to be only a dream.

Cornerback Keenan Lewis said, "Well the predictions, you still have to come out and play the game. You're always going to have predictions when you have Las Vegas. So as long as they predict you can't go by that. It's about the team who wanted it the most."

Offensive lineman Zach Strief said, "We didn't play well enough to be moving forward, to win this game, to have a successful season. And so we deserve to lose that game. We deserve to lose every game we lost because that's life. That's reality."

Head coach Sean Payton must make drastic changes to his roster in 2015 and that includes his coaching staff.

The Saints travel to Tampa Bay Sunday at high noon for the final game of the season.

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