Surveillance project shows community character

Surveillance project shows community character

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A special operation targeting holiday thefts at retail establishments shows the character of the community.

Detectives with the Gulfport Police Department spent two weeks conducting "Operation Good Samaritan." A purse that contained money was left unattended in public shopping areas, and officers conducted surveillance on the purse.

Officers say a total of 43 different people picked up the purse. Of those people, 40 of them looked for the owner of the purse or brought it to a nearby store for the proper owner to recover. Only three individuals tried to keep the purse and its contents for themselves.

"We hear so many bad things in the media about the failings of our society," said Chief Leonard Papania. "I believe this operation, which we call Operation Good Samaritan, is a true measure of the character of our community."

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