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Bay St. Louis restaurant owners reach garbage controversy decision


Restaurant Owners in Old Town Bay St. Louis have reached a decision they hope will end a garbage controversy in the city.

The restaurant owners met with Chamber of Commerce leaders Wednesday afternoon. The Chamber was asked by the city to mediate a conclusion to the down-town dispute. At issue: just where and how they should dispose of trash. Right now, some dump garbage in dumpsters at their restaurant sites and others use dumpsters off-site. Restaurant owners left the chamber's meeting with a simple solution.

"There are some businesses that need a centralized dumpster complex and then there are other who simply do not need a centralized complex so those businesses who do need the service are going to go to the city offer them a plan," said Tish Williams, executive director of the Hancock Chamber. "I know the city wants to work with these business owners because it's in everybody's best interest to see commerce continue to grow."

Those restaurant owners hope to have that plan formulated by January.

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